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The Ziavic Story ...

Growing up in a Polynesian culture, founder, Victoria was taught to appreciate the natural beauty of our earth and its resources. Plants were integral to her daily routine from a young age. Whether she was picking ti leaves and hibiscus to make her own costumes for performances with her hālau. Weaving baskets and hats from pandanus leaves, or picking fruits off the trees in her backyard for breakfast. The use of plants in everyday life was second nature to her. She was also no stranger to the use of botanicals as health and beauty treatments. Her mother, who was born and raised in the Fiji Islands, taught her sisters and her how to treat and condition their hair using monoï. Her aunt applied tamanu oil to her skin to soothe sunburns and mosquito bites while she and her sisters applied homemade tropical fruit and honey masks to their faces as beauty treatments.

As Victoria grew older, she realized how much she admired the efficacy of these natural treatments. With the help of her father who worked as a botanist on the islands, with some of the pioneers of South Pacific botany, she set out to learn all about the scientific aspects of these native plants and their proven properties.

Victoria founded Ziavic Beauty to connect the beauty of nature with the beauty of the person. Her mission is to provide advanced skincare products created with natural, botanical ingredients that have been used for generations in the Pacific Islands.