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The family, the brand & their journey...
Honua is a family owned company with Kapua at the forefront. Her husband, Brandon, is equally as passionate about Hawaiian culture, and has the drive to share it with the world. They have four children ranging from 5-18, who were raised in Hawaiian culturally based schools. The family had to move away from Hawai‘i in 2014 due to the economic hardships that many Hawaiian families face. They are currently living in Santa Rosa, California and continue to share the culture and aloha with everyone they meet. From teaching Hawaiian language to sharing hula and serving organizations that perpetuate the Hawaiian culture among the displaced community of Hawaiians… this family has not forgotten their roots. So, although they had to leave home, this journey has allowed for the birth of Honua and has given them the opportunity to share the aloha spirit with the world.

Locally sourced, Globally loved.

Organic. Wild-crafted. Sustainable. Cruelty-free.

Honua are uncompromising when it comes to our ingredients. Many are organic or wild-crafted and all are sourced with intention and aloha. As a company and as individuals, Honua is committed to giving back to our 'āina (land) by supporting reforestation and being mindful of our entire eco-system and our sourcing methods. They support sustainable farmers that understand their partnership with nature and who actively replenish so they can keep their plants thriving for centuries to come. As a result, their sources may change from season to season and year to year so that we can ensure our sourcing is ethical and sustainable, and because of these changes Honua's products may reflect slight changes in color and scent.